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A Blown Eyelash

They are found in shooting stars,
and in flying dandelion seeds,
seen in extinguished birthday candles,
and also in other men’s deeds.

They have made lunatics of greats,
yet they are the power of braves.
They have made people attempt
to raise loved ones from their graves.

Sometimes they nibble the insides
of my mind, they slowly gnaw,
until I am certain that they will
one day consume me, raw.

Then there are those times, when
they give me bliss that’s pure.
They make me overeat my elation,
and leave me wanting for more.

My oldest friends, they are,
they keep me on my toes.
But when there are too many of them,
they turn into my worst foes.

Why do I end up believing
that a blown eyelash will cure?
Why am I always dreaming,
when I know that I remain unsure?

Is there a way to comprehend
if these wishes will come true?
Or do I have to be only content
with fulfilled ones, so few?

I am with this knowledge, though,
my wishes are known for rebirth.
They make me the man that I am.
In me, you shall find no dearth.


… And We Shall Be Together!

For long I have dreamed of spending my life with you;

To view the world through your eyes;

To take you to secluded beaches and watch sunsets with you;

To explore lush forests with you and listen to critters that reside under the canopy;

To scale huge mountains and experience the coolness of the snow-capped peaks;

To go to distant islands with you, meet new people, and smile with them.

But it has not been possible yet…

I keep trying hard to make you come in my life permanently;

I keep hoping there will be a day when I will call you mine;

I keep imagining how it would feel to feel the curves of your body with my hands;

I keep thinking how I will caress your neck, and distant dreams will come alive before me;

I keep believing that touching you someplace will create a priceless memory;

I keep dreaming about our escapades together.

One day, all of this shall happen.

Dear Camera, we shall be together!