… And We Shall Be Together!

For long I have dreamed of spending my life with you;

To view the world through your eyes;

To take you to secluded beaches and watch sunsets with you;

To explore lush forests with you and listen to critters that reside under the canopy;

To scale huge mountains and experience the coolness of the snow-capped peaks;

To go to distant islands with you, meet new people, and smile with them.

But it has not been possible yet…

I keep trying hard to make you come in my life permanently;

I keep hoping there will be a day when I will call you mine;

I keep imagining how it would feel to feel the curves of your body with my hands;

I keep thinking how I will caress your neck, and distant dreams will come alive before me;

I keep believing that touching you someplace will create a priceless memory;

I keep dreaming about our escapades together.

One day, all of this shall happen.

Dear Camera, we shall be together!


4 thoughts on “… And We Shall Be Together!

  1. Your Love for the camera and the dream to hold it is coming true soon! πŸ™‚

    You have written it with all your heart and hence the reader can feel the emotions of the words used by you.

    Keep writing and Capturing! πŸ˜€


  2. Beautiful and I can so relate to this one. I always feel that photography is like making love to the camera. 😊
    Loved it. ❀️


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