The walls we try to break…


Imagine there is a wall. You believe it will break, and you keep punching it. Every time you punch it, you get hurt. But you want it to break… and you don’t give up hope. You keep punching, it keeps hurting.
After a long time, you realize that there are a lot of doorways. But you continue to punch the wall, because you want that reward, that satisfaction of having broken it, because you spent so much time and energy on it. But what you don’t realize is that since it is not going to break, there won’t be any satisfaction. You are thinking too much about the wall.

Just like this wall, there are people. No matter how hard you try to get into their hearts by breaking barriers, they don’t care about what you feel. And they don’t change. Even if you get hurt.The wise thing is to stop punching. Just let the wall be.

No one… Absolutely NO ONE has the right to take you for granted!
Not even a wall.
No matter how much you love a person, if your feelings are not understood and reciprocated, then you are just punching that wall.

Look for a door. There may be an open one.



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